L’académie de Clermont-Ferrand

A few numbers


  • 225,789 school children :
    120 669 in elementary school, 105 120 in secondary school
  • 38,844 students
    at university
    or post high school graduation
  • 1,622 schools
    (1342 for elementary teaching,
    280 for secondary teaching),
    2 universities
  • 1,7112 teachers
  • Budget :
    1,200,986,786 euros

Middle school qualifications

  • Diplôme national
    du brevet (DNB) : 85.2%

Vocational qualifications

  • Certificat d’aptitude
    (CAP) : 84.0%
  • Brevet d’enseignement
    (BEP) : 83.5%
  • Baccalauréat
    professionnel : 81.6%

High school qualifications

  • Baccalauréat
    général : 93.5%
  • Baccalauréat
    technologique : 89.1%

Regional Education Authority for Clermont-Ferrand

Our Regional Education Authority covers the whole of the Auvergne region.
It includes four counties: The Allier, the Cantal, the Haute-Loire, and the Puy-de-Dome

It is placed under the authority of the Chief Education Officer (Recteur) who is also the Chief Chancellor of Universities, head of the Local Education Authority (Rectorat), representing two different ministries at a regional level:

  • The national Board of Education, including primary and secondary education
  • The University and Research department

Four Regional Directors are each responsible for supervising the Educational system in
their respective counties.
On a local scale, there are Primary schools, Secondary schools and Universities directed
by Headteachers, Principals, Presidents of University, and Directors of Higher Education.

Primary and secondary Schools

They are both places to learn but also to live in as a community.
The organisation of school life is part of our educational policy, along with special measures such as personalised care, health and social prevention, arts and culture or sports.
The educational policy is based on partnerships with local authorities, other services of the State, associations of parents and supporting school associations.

An academic project

The objectives of the re-founding of the school system Act of July 8th, 2013, and the Framework Act for higher education and research of July 22nd, 2013 are integrated in the current academic project. They are also the base for the development of the oncoming project due to be drafted in September 2014.

A performance contract with the central administration

Our Regional Authority has signed a performance contract with the Ministry of Education in 2013. Contracting is a means to set realistic, targeted and quantified objectives that should allow us to assert our added value while highlighting our margin
for progression on the support of pupils.

A strategic plan for technological and vocational school training

This document was jointly created and presented by the Chief Education Officer, the Regional Directorate for Food, Agriculture and Forest and the Chairman of the Regional
Council. It is the first genuine application of the method that was defined within the regional planning contract for the development of vocational training which aims at implementing a future-oriented map of technological and vocational training. The latter
is being drawn up in a spirit of cooperation so as to define a strategic plan of the supply
of training that will give priority to the young and to the sustainable and balanced development of the territories. This document is supplemented by the regional plan for higher education, research and innovation, adopted in 2014.

Teachers and headteachers training

The re-founding of the school system Act makes of teachers and management staff training a priority which will be devolved to the Higher School for Teaching and Education.

The regional Digital Strategy

The will to set digital at the core of the regional education authority’s priorities is not new
and it is shared with the territorial collectivities. The strategy has become more precise
and the objectives are totally in agreement with the strategic directions of the Minister
of Education.

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